GL Annual Communication on 3/4 May 2013 in Bad Rothenfelde

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My mother always said to me "Bad things first, good things later!"

In Bad Rothenfelde, the bad one was that our meeting didn't take place in "our" well known Bad Iburg but in Bad Rothenfelde. The hotel was not as comfortable as we know it from the Hotel Zum Freden but the town of Bad Rothenfelde was really worth to visit. Have you seen the old fashioned salt production system which is quite interesting, just in the middle of the town? The other bad thing of this GL Annual Communication was that many Brethren have really missed a wonderful weekend!

Now, the good part of it. Our Grand Master has replaced the former "Grand Lodge Officers Dinner" on a Friday evening with an "Informal Grand Lodge Buffet" which is now open to all participants including the good Ladies. The buffet was fine, the wine and beer very good and the atmosphere of its best. There was just a little misunderstanding. Most of the Brethren have understood the word "informal" as to appear with an open shirt, even with a polo-shirt instead with a jacket and a tie. Now we know what "informal" means! Despite this new lesson (Freemasons always learn!), the Friday evening was a great success, well organized and I am sure that the next Friday evening in November in Bad Iburg will be as harmonious as this one was.

The GL Annual Communication 2013 on Saturday morning was not just going through the printed agenda. No, it was much more. Every participants and the numerous visitors could feel a great harmony in this Grand Lodge - a good feeling which makes our small Grand Lodge a big Grand Lodge - small in numbers but in Masonic brotherly concentration. The Past Grand Master of the United Grand Lodges in Germany , MWBro Klaus Kott made it clear: "I feel very much at home when visiting British Freemasons in Germany". I think he spoke out what all the other honorable guests from other countries and other Constitutions wanted to say.

Some special highlights should be mentioned: Our GM accepted RWBro John Hebel's withdrawal from the office as Deputy Grand Master. The GM acknowledged RWBro John's work in the last years and I noticed that both were very emotional. RWBro John Hebel was succeeded by RWBro Bill Beardmore. And RWBro Bill, now Deputy Grand Master was succeeded by VWBro Glyn Edmonds, now Assistant Grand Master. RWBro Glyn's father, most Brethren call him WBro Dad, came from Manchester to Bad Rothenfelde, just to see the promotion of RWBro Son.
My heartiest congratulations to the new Deputy and new Assistant Grand Masters. I am sure that every Mason within the GL BFG will follow this.

After this meeting, the delicious Festive Board concluded this most enjoyable Annual Communication 2013. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend to the GMs Dinner but I am pretty sure that the harmonious atmosphere continued as in the past 24 hours.

Thank you all for being a Mason and a member of Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany!

Fraternally yours,


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  • Anglo-Hanseatic Lodge

    22 July 2013 at 11:48 |
    Dear WBro Ronaldo,
    Many thanks to you for your refreshingly clear reproduction of the GL Communicattion in May. I found it very pleasant reading.
    Perhaps as could be expected, I did end up feeling somewhat vexed at not having been myself able to attend the Communication!
    Bro William Sargent
    Sec 850

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  • souther Star Lodge 1025, Munich - Winter Social



    SSL celebrated the start of the Christmas period with their annual ‘Winter Social’ at the “Delhi Palace” Indian restaurant where the Festive Board is held after our Lodge meetings. A superb buffet of the finest Indian cuisine was laid on and everyone congratulated the staff for providing such a sumptuous feast (extra chilli sauce was provided for those who like their Indian food really ‘spicy hot’!).

    In total 30 guests attended (comprising 14 Members, 12 ladies and 6 ‘Not-Yet Masons’.

    Of the ‘Not-Yet Masons’, one brought his completed Application For Initiation form with him, and three others before they left the party asked to have the form - what a result!!!

    To round the evening off a raffle was held, followed by an auction of some particularly  desirable items and together the superb sum of €427 was raised for charity.

    The next ‘social’ event will be our Master’s Farewell Dinner on Friday 12 February 2016 at a central Munich venue.  Details will be circulated nearer the time.

    Any Brother wishing to attend this prestigious event should inform the  SSL Secretary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , who will add the email address to the Circulation List.

    Mike Hemming, secretary

    Southern Star Lodge 1025, Munich

  • Saxony Lodge Installation

    Saturday 26th April 2014 at 1400

    Saxony Lodge will be holding it's Installation at the Lodge at Magnusstrasse 2a, 29221 Celle.  This will be followed by a three course festive board in the Lodge Dining Rooms.  If any Brother wishes to attend the festive board please register at our website.

    We look forward to seeing you there.

  • 60 Years as a Mason

    The Rose of Minden Regular meeting 5th March 2014

    The VWBro Garrett O'Sullivan celebrates being a Mason on the 13th March 2014 and we will recognise this event at our regular meeting on the 5th March 2014. It will be some what of a surprise evening for him, I know I am safe saying this here as he does not read these articles!!


    Brother Garrett was initiated into The Tudor Lodge No 5994, by the Worshipful Master - WBro Eric A Ensell on the 13th March 1954, he later became Master of this Lodge on the 26th september 1964. He was initiated with his brother James and the two of them followed each through the degrees with Garrett installing his brother into the chair of the said lodge on the 25th September 1965.

    VWBro Garrett is still a regular visitor to all lodges with GL BFG, he also attends many german Lodges within OWL region and travels at least once a year back to his old Masonic roots, unfortunately Tudor lodge went into darkness some two years ago.

    I strongly encourage all Masons reading this article to attend our regular meeting on the 5th March where we will celebrate his Sixty years, as a Mason. He took the chair at our last meeting to initiate his Grandson into Masonry and I am sure he will assist in years to come to put his Grandson into the Masters Chair in our Lodge.

  • Grand Lodge Seminar in Bad Iburg

    As is widely known, there is no such thing as a free lunch. However, for a small investment of your time, a free lunch will be provided!

    On 30th August starting at 10.00, the Grand Lodge will host a seminar that will be aimed to support the positions of Lodge Treasurers and Directors of Ceremony within a lodge.

    The program for the day will start with the  Directors of Ceremonies at 10.00 am  which will be chaired by the Assistant Grand Master and he will be assisted by the Grand Wardens.

    The purpose of the DofC's Seminar, is to look at Emulation Ritual and to answer any questions about what may be right or wrong to help iron our any irregularities within lodges,
    This will be followed by lunch (the best bit of the day) at about 12.00.

    The seminar for Treasurers which will be chaired by Peter Appleson, will start at 13.00.

    The aim of this part of the seminar is to allow Treasurers to discuss the ins and outs of finances in an organisation. In no way at all, is the aim to tell our Private  Lodges how to keep their books. Our aim is to just assist when and  where required.

    This is an initial notice and a full registration pack will follow in a few weeks' time. Nonetheless, please put this date in your diaries - and please kindly inform the Brethren of your lodge about this. Lastly, please note that this is open to all brethren and not just the Treasurers and DoC's - the more the merrier and everyone is welcome.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Grand Secretary!

  • Burns Supper - Festive Board

    Book in for our Special festive Board 5 Feb 2014

    As published under Summons you will notice we have a Special festive Board on the 5th February 2014

    Burns Supper Special - Please ensure you book in with Bro JW or go hungry


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